3 Day Camera and Newborn Training


Camera Beginners Course AND 2 Days Newborn Art Training – £1800

This incredible 3 day intensive course is for complete beginners in photography and newborn art, who would like an extra day to actively handle, wrap and pose baby with my supervision and guidance.


Day One – A.M.Camera Beginners’ Course. P.M. Adobe Overview,  Wrapping Techniques and Prop Preparation.

Day Two – Comprehensive equipment details and observe how I manage and pose our real model baby.

Day Three – With my guidance, you will be actively holding, posing and wrapping our real model baby.

DAY ONE – 10am – 5pm

A.M. – Getting to know your camera!

This is a 3 hour course and will be dedicated to learning the fundamentals of image taking, by understanding the Exposure Triangle together with learning all of the essential elements and workings of your camera. This is a bespoke training session, so whatever camera you have, the education will be geared to your specific camera. 

The session is very relaxed and you will gain insightful information which will enable you to bring your ideas to life, through your camera.

  • The Exposure Triangle – Aperture, Shutter Speed and ISO
  • Camera Elements – The camera dial, Back of Camera Buttons, Image Quality, Focusing, Metering, Histogram and Live View

P.M. – Adobe Photoshop & Lightroom + Potato Wrapping Technique with lots of Practice

  • After lunch (refreshments are included) you will be given an insight into using Adobe’s editing software; Lightroom and Photoshop.
  • Then onto the practical, where you will learn and put into practice (with my Stand-In-Baby training doll) the multi-layered Potato Wrap Technique (the magic secret to making the baby beautifully round).

DAY TWO – 10am – 4pm

Newborn 1-2-1 Photography Training 

On your second day you will learn everything you need to know about Newborn Photography. Starting from the necessary equipment required, to baby safety and newborn posing techniques. You will be able to observe first hand, how I hold, settle, pose and wrap a newborn, together with lighting positioning and camera angles.

One of the most exciting aspects of my newborn 1-2-1 training course, is the 3-4 hour time spent with a newborn baby. During this time you will be able to use your own camera to take your very own images, which you can edit as you wish and use for your portfolio and social media marketing.

I will spend some time in the afternoon answering any business or general questions you may have and you will be able to watch me edit some of the images from the day, using Lightroom and Photoshop.

Here is the breakdown:

  • Baby Safety
  • Camera and lighting equipment and settings
  • Fabrics and props
  • Basic wrapping techniques
  • Camera angles
  • Real baby for 3-4 hours
  • Use your own camera to take photos of the real baby, to use in your portfolio
  • Refreshments break
  • Practice with stand-in baby
  • Watch my editing flow in Lightroom and Photoshop, using the images taken on the day.

DAY THREE – 10am – 4pm

On your final day, you will have the opportunity to put into practice everything you learnt from Day Two ….  and this really is the fun part, you will have free reign on all of my fabrics, layers and outfits, which you can style as you wish using any of the colours from my newborn closet.

First thing in the morning, we will run through your posing flow for the day and when the newborn arrives, it will be over to you!

Observing (day 2) and then practicing straight off the bat, really will allow all the information from the previous day to sink in.  I will be right by your side, so when you need assistance, or a little reminder, I will be there, making sure that you and baby are happy, every step of the way.

This three day 1-2-1 is perfect for if you really do want to ensure you leave with not just the knowledge, but the chance to actually put this into practice with me right there. 

We can go at your pace and I will be there with you every step of the way!

You won’t be pushed into anything at all, and you’ll only do what you’re comfortable with.

If you would like some extra editing time, we can adjust the close of the session to accommodate for 30 minutes, to run through some of the images you have taken. Otherwise the session will run right to the end of Day 3.

You won’t leave empty handed as you will receive a goodie bag, with all of the following:

  • Base Wrap 
  • 100+ Photoshop Actions to assist with newborn skin editing and image finishing
  • Comprehensive PDF showing every pose and where to place the posing beans and more!
  • Certificate of Completion handed to you at the end of the day.
  • Email containing a list of trusted Vendors, some with exclusive discounts
  • Invitation to my private Facebook Education Page
  • Ongoing help and support after your training

Remember, the best way to become a pro is by learning from the training and lots of practice. This is why my sessions entail interactive and practical aspects. You will be able to learn, ask questions and get answers in real-time!

Booking this training session is also super easy. You can go choose your date and pay here  or you can email me at info@JoanneCollinsPhotography.co.uk if you have some questions which you would like answering first. I will look forward to helping you turn into a pro newborn photographer!

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