3 Hour Photography Training Courses

Exciting news! Explore my latest 3-hour photography training courses now available. Opt for two courses for a full day’s immersive training. Enhance both your skills and confidence – the perfect opportunity to elevate your photography journey!

1:1 CAMERA COURSE (3 Hours) 

If you are completely new to photography and would love to have bespoke training with your particular camera, then this course is perfect for you.

We will first cover the foundations of how to correctly expose your images, using the Exposure Triangle. Then I will run through all of your camera and menu settings, so that you can be confident with using your equipment.

1:1 EDITING COURSE (3 Hours) 

This Lightroom and Photoshop editing course, will give you the tools that you need to develop your own style and creativity. 

All aspects of using Adobe Software from importing and exporting to using the new AI facilities. 

After this session you will be free to unleash your creativity!

1:1 CAKE SMASH (3 Hours) 

Learn the art of capturing cake smash moments!

As part of this special course, there will be a gorgeous 1 year old baby. Learn, Click, Edit and create your new Cake Smash portfolio! 

This course covers setup, lighting, baby posing, props, editing techniques, parent prep guide, my secret tricks for smiles and more!

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