Cake Smash Photography Training Course

Cake Smash Photography Training Course 

Welcome to my Cake Smash Photography Training Course, where creativity meets sweetness! In this comprehensive course, we dive into the wonderful world of capturing those adorable messy moments of joyous cake smashing sessions. Unleash your artistic flair as we explore techniques, setups, and tips to masterfully photograph this delightful milestone.

Join me on this exciting journey to learn how to compose, capture, and create unforgettable memories that families will cherish forever. Whether you’re a seasoned photographer looking to expand your portfolio or a beginner eager to explore this niche, this course is your gateway to mastering the art of cake smash photography!

This is an in person training course and here is what we will cover:

  • Real Infant for a live cake smash and splash session – watch me work and take photos
  • Camera Settings and Equipment – Learning the correct camera settings, lenses and essential equipment required for successful cake smash photography.
  • Setting up the scene – Understanding how to create enticing backdrops using the Graceland Backdrop system, with discussion on alternatives.
  • Choosing Props – Selecting appropriate props that complement the cake smash session and enhance visual appeal.
  • Cake Selection – Guidance on choosing the right type of cake, its colours, textures, and size, together with dealing with food intolerances.
  • Safety and Hygiene Practices – Ensuring a safe and clean environment for the baby during the messy cake smash session.
  • Baby Closet – Selecting the perfect baby outfits to compliment the backdrop.
  • Lighting Placement – Learning the correct placement of light to make your images look great, straight out of camera.
  • Posing Infants and Capturing Smiles – mastering the art of guiding and posing infants to capture delightful and captivating images, I have lots of tricks!
  • Editing and Retouching Techniques – Exploring post-production techniques to enhance and refine cake smash images.
  • Engaging with Clients – Crafting a comprehensive cake smash preparation guide to ensure your clients are well-informed about what to anticipate during the session.

These aspects together will provide a comprehensive understanding and practical knowledge for successfully conducting and capturing memorable cake smash sessions.


This specialised course will last for 3 hours.

My training courses are held Sittingbourne, Kent.

The price for this 3 hour course is £350.

Prior familiarity with operating your camera in Manual Mode is necessary before attending this session. If you’re not yet acquainted, consider enrolling in my three-hour camera training course – it’s the perfect solution! Here is the link Camera Training for Beginners

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Yes! As part of the course, there will be a one-hour session featuring a one-year-old baby. During this time you’ll have the chance to witness first-hand how I interact with the baby and observe my cake smash and bathtub session workflow.

Absolutely! You’re free to take photos, edit them as you like, and use them for your portfolio and across all your social media platforms.

Yes! We’ll download the images, and I’ll guide you step-by-step through my editing process for these images.

Please use the form below to indicate the specific course or courses you are interested in, along with your preferred booking month. I’ll be sure to get back to you promptly.

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