Commercial studio portraiture Maidstone with Graphic Designer Leese

Commercial studio portraiture Maidstone with Graphic Designer Leese

Commercial Portrait Shoots are very different from commercial event shoots as the atmosphere and lighting is quite different. I have been getting a lot of calls for shoot some corporate portraits for various professionals. Just the other day, I got a call from Leese who is a graphic designer by profession. Leese approached me to take some professional studio photos to use as her public profile image.

For every Commercial Portrait Shoot, I try to bring out the look that is unique to that person. I believe, all of us has a single expression or feature that defines our personality. For Leese, I tried to bring out her warm smile which I think spoke a lot about her personality. Her smile is what I think engages and holds the attention of viewers. I also search for the best side of the client’s face during the initial setup.

Communication plays a great part in making every commercial portraiture shoot a success. My goal was to engage Leese in a way, so that I could capture colourful expressions and reactions that look natural. No one likes a forced smile in a professional photo and that is why I never force my clients to smile and look straight into the camera. With Leese, I made sure her facial features are expressive and the moveable features are animated enough. I also experimented with different postures to find out how the features play off of each other to create an overall impression.”

Lighting also plays an important role in commercial portrait shoots. For this shoot, I had setup the lighting in a certain way so that the light fills every shadow. This gave the smooth and wrinkle free complexion that is important for any portraiture. Lighting also played an important part in highlighting the facial expressions and setting the mood for the photoshoot. Commercial studio portraiture maidstone

I also asked Leese to bring in a change of clothing as only one clothing throughout the shoot would make a boring portfolio. The choice of clothing was also important as the goal was to make the viewer focus on Leese’s face and not her clothes. This prevents the photos from becoming dated quickly.

I had a nice experience shooting a commercial portraiture shoot with Leese and I wish her all the best for her future prospects. commercial studio portraiture maidstone

commercial studio portraiture maidstone kent

To book or enquire about corporate portraiture for your business please email me or call me on 01795 437314 or mobile 07796934399. I work throughout the Home Counties; Kent, London, Sussex, Surrey, Essex and Hertfordshire

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