There are two different styles for corporate photography, the first being in the studio with a solid background and the second being company photography headshots taken at your business location.

Bespoke office ‘reportage’

This style of photography really highlights individual characters and jobs whilst day to day duties are being carried out. Capturing natural headshots is a very skilled form of photography and needs to be carried out in a non-obtrusive way in order to capture the subject behaving naturally, without forced behaviour. The resulting photographs speak loudly about a person’s character, responsibilities and how they truly are. As well as this, images such as this often make far more interesting and engaging portraits. This style would generally use natural lighting, so that the flow of the subject’s behaviour isn’t interrupted.

Composed On-site Headshots

An area of your office can be set up for your team’s individual headshots. Studio lights will be put into place and each member will have their portrait taken, this creates a more uniform and consistent set of images and where the subject eye’s have contact with the photographer.

Whichever style you are looking for, the brief will be discussed and ideas suggested beforehand to ensure we make the most of the environment and produce exactly the right set of photographs for you.

For more information on this service please email me at info@JoanneCollinsPhotography.co.uk

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