Headshots / Portraits

Headshot/portrait portraiture is the perfect way to convey the message that describes a person’s profession, and this is used in all lines of work, career, vocation and business.

A headshot gives people the perfect illustration of what they will face when they finally decide to meet with you. All professions that engage in face-to-face consultation such as healthcare, property development, finance, counselling, coaching, law and many more depend so much on headshots to convey a friendly, approachable and trusting presence. The recognition of professionals by clients or customers is quickly achieved with a professionally taken headshot. Professional actors, musicians, authors, legal practitioners all depend on great headshots to display their portfolios to the public. Also, every brand or business that desires a compelling and commanding online presence on all professional platforms need to have their headshots taken by experts; this is important for the advancement of your brand.

At Market Place Photography, we know how to connect your persona straightaway to your potential clients. We provide a studio and on-location service where you can have corporate headshot for yourself and the entire company.

Our headshot/portrait services cover the following;

  • Corporate / Business Headshots: The world of business today is driven by the media before people want to do business with anyone, they want to know the person behind the business. The personality of a company or must be outrightly expressed through a congruent headshot.
  • Theatrical Headshots: for TV shows, castings and films. The personality of professionals in the film industry is expressed through a well taken headshot.
  • Commercial Headshots: Brand or Product promotion can be achieved through a commercial headshot; the display of energy must be conveyed through a commercial headshot in order to appeal to the advertising industry.
  • Social Media Headshots: A lot of businesses out there depend on social media to promote their brand, for exposure, expression, and connection. To achieve all these, you need professionals to have your headshot taken for that purpose.

At MarketPlacePhotography we ensure that the personality of our clients is depicted through their portraits. We use varied compositions, backgrounds and lighting as well as offer clothing and posture guidance. We will make your personality shine through a professionally taken portrait.

For more details please contact me on 01580 438002 or 07796934399 or email me at info@JoanneCollinsPhotography.co.uk

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