Photography Milestones and Child Development

Photography Milestones and Child Development

The first year of a baby’s life is an intensely magical time. That’s why the Watch Me Grow package is so popular with parents: it preserves these precious moments forever. Babies grow so fast, and they seem to change a little every day. However, busy as the parents of a baby are, it may be difficult to carve out space and time to truly celebrate these little milestones that mean so much. Surely a proud parent’s nightmare is that the first year passes in a blur, leaving memories lost during the hectic day to day. This is what the Watch Me Grow package is designed to prevent! Instead, you’ll have the opportunity to celebrate and document this once-in-a-lifetime process.

My packages includes the most important milestones in a baby’s development: the newborn stage, the baby at 3-4 months old, when the baby is able to sit independently, and the baby’s first birthday. You’ll be amazed and delighted when you compare these images, noticing the subtle and remarkable ways that your baby has grown. This is when babies begin to develop their own distinct look and personality. These photographs become priceless souvenirs of moments in your baby’s life that can never be repeated or replicated. I urge all new parents to seriously consider investing in this package, as they tend to regret it otherwise!


NEWBORN – Within first 2 weeks

Newborn photos are generally taken in the first 10 to 14 days of a baby’s life. Parents love pictures of their curled up baby looking so tiny and sweet. These tend to be sleepy sessions! This stage passes incredibly quickly, so it’s fabulous to have a permanent memento of the earliest days of your baby’s life. Naturally, we will be sticking to organic poses for this shoot. Your baby’s bones aren’t fully formed yet. We’ll also be taking lots of care of your baby’s neck, and I will be frequently washing my hands to ensure the highest standards of hygiene and safety. Don’t worry — I have plenty of experience doing these photoshoots. If your baby gets a little cranky, we just take a time out or get creative! I’m sure you’re going to love the end result from your newborn photoshoot.

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At 3-4 months old, babies are enjoying tummy time! They can usually lift their little heads up independently, meaning that these pictures capture eye contact for the first time. That’s right, depending on your baby’s developmental stage, we may be able to capture that adorable mini push up. Who doesn’t love a gummy smile? We can also get pictures of the baby on their back, gazing up at the camera. You’ll get a real feel for your baby’s personality through these sweet images. The gorgeous results of this photoshoot will show your baby becoming more animated. We will of course want to capture your baby’s face and their many unique expressions, but we won’t forget their tiny fingers and toes! These little details can be so enchanting in a photograph. You’ll be delighted reminiscing about this special stage when you receive the finished product.

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SITTER  6-10 Months

Babies usually start sitting upright on their own when they are between 6 and 7 months. It’s an ideal time for photographs, as your chubby angel is actually sitting still! It won’t be that way for long, trust me. Posing options open up a little at this stage, as your baby’s mobility has increased significantly. Does your baby love to reach and grab their toes? Well, our objective is to capture some of these newfound skills. You also have more range when it comes to cute outfits at this stage; it’s up to you how you’d like your baby to be presented. Please don’t worry, we will be right on hand if your baby needs a little extra support. The best attitude is a flexible one. Let your baby choose the poses! After all, their safety and comfort is the top priority at all times.

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What a bittersweet photoshoot this is! Your child is leaving babyhood and entering their toddler stage. That means they may be taking their first steps, and they’re very likely to have some lovely teeth to flash in these photos. Parents are especially grateful for professional expertise at this stage. It’s hard to photograph babies at this wiggly, active stage of life! Don’t worry, we have our ways to capture their attention. We also want to show their unique personality, so an easygoing attitude is essential. Something lovely about this photoshoot is that it is also a celebration for parents. Congratulations, you made it through the challenging but rewarding baby year! With your little one, you can commemorate the amazing progress you have made together.

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