Photography Training

Photography Training

Are you looking to improve your photography skills?  I will be offering several different training and tuition options for you to explore which are listed below:

Please Note:

Newborn photography training is not included with this option, unless you have completed the 1-2-1 training day. Firstly, this is because you need to see first hand exactly how I safely photograph newborns and secondly you need to practice holding and posing a real baby under supervision, before you start to be a professional newborn photographer.


1-2-1 TUITION – Now Available!

1-2-1 training is now increasingly popular and you can decide how long or short it can be – from short boot camp sessions to something more in depth.

1-2-1 sessions are  flexible and allow you to decide on the content, duration and location. You get to ask all of your questions, when you want to and in the order in which you need to get the answers. You can have as little or much tuition as you want, tailored to fit around your other commitments.  To help make the most of your 1-2-1 please complete and submit the questionnaire below. I will then get back to you with a training plan for your session.

£95 per hour of 1-2-1 training – 2 hours minimum if I am driving to your location.

Please complete and submit the questionnaire below.


Half and Full Day workshops dates will be added to this page. To give me an idea of which areas of photography you are interested in please complete the questionnaire below.



Shadowing is a great hands-on way of gaining experience and new skills within your preferred genre of photography. You will learn first hand people management skills as well as the all important photography techniques which I use.  I will also talk you through my pre-shoot planning and how I upload and process my files for editing and uploading to the client.

Please fill out the questionnaire below and I will get back to you with more details.



Are you a professional photographer who is struggling with particular newborn poses or perhaps is having difficulty settling a restless or more awake baby? Or are you an enthusiast amateur who is looking to take up newborn photography professionally? Would you love to learn some of those amazing posing and wrapping secrets? … If you answered yes to any of those questions then one of my training days will be just what you are looking for ….

Throughout my training day I will be giving you the top tips and tricks for getting sleepy babies and how to carry out a session safely.

Training is of paramount importance when considering newborn photography.



If you have any questions please feel free to get in touch, I am here to help you get the most out of your photography.

Joanne Collins Photography

Sittingbourne. Kent