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Property Photographer UK for Millwood Designer Homes

I was asked to photograph 2 property projects for Millwood Designer Homes.  They are based in Tonbridge, Kent and have new build developments throughout Sussex, Surrey, Reigate, Kent and Crowborough. The properties are beautiful and spacious. The 2 project took a day to complete and then of course there is the post production,I offer an Image editing and correction service.

Because more and more people are searching for properties online before they even step into an estate agents office, great photographs are increasingly becoming essential in marketing a house, so hence are the services of a good property photographer.

A good photograph of a property will catch the eye of house-hunters instantly, whereas poorly lit, wonky pictures are off-putting and relegate a property to the ‘to look at later’ list. Property Photographer

A little insight into the way I work ….

1) Always use my tripod, to give stability for tack sharp clear photographs. There is the odd exception to this rule,  for the more unusual angles for more arty shots.

2) Switch on all the house lights Even during the day, having all the lights on in your home will instantly make it look warmer and more appealing.

3) Use lighting equipment  Dark corners don’t do your home any favours online, but simple lighting equipment will help illuminate them. A flash helps, as does a reflector and even a light stand. Property Photographer

4) Room preparation  Sometimes called staging, preparing a room is a way of showing how best it can be used. This is very often done by temporarily repositioning furniture in a room and putting lamps on tables and flowers in vases, or setting a table for dinner.

5) Bubble spirit level To prevent your pictures looking wonky, use a bubble spirit level to ensure your camera is perfectly angled for each room. 

6) Exterior shots in the morning  Getting up a dawn isn’t everyone’s idea of fun, but it’s the ideal time of day to get the best photographs of the outside of a property: dawn light is better and there are fewer people around.

7) Watch how the light hits your house. At different times of the day, and at different times of year, the light will change how your house looks, so I will ascertain the best time of day to take the interior shots. Product P

8) Processing the image. Today processing is a term for how the image is put through photography software before it is ready to be used. This helps to soften, sharpen and generally tidy up any imperfections.

Why Hire a professional property photographer?

Hiring a professional property photographer is very cost effective and they can make the difference between the house selling/renting quickly or not. If you’re thinking of renting your property, then with a one-time investment in professional photographs, you can re-use them each time you come to let the property.

For information on Property Photography Rates please email me at info@JoanneCollinsPhotography.co.uk or call 077 969 343 99.  My rates are very competitive and a discounted rate can be offered if there are on-going projects.

I travel throughout the Home Counties, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Essex, Hertfordshire, Kent, Surrey, Sussex and London.

Millwood Designer Homes website https://www.millwooddesignerhomes.co.uk/

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