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This training is for those passionate about learning

It is for those who are serious about their craft and want to create the best possible images for their clients.

If you are ready to learn photography and take your skills to the next level, then Joanne Collins Photography Training is the perfect for you.

My Newborn 1:1 Training Courses are held in Sittingbourne, Kent. Many of my students travel from all over the UK and stay over the night before. I am happy to recommend some local Hotels for you to book into, to ensure you have a relaxing and enjoyable stay.

The Benefits of Joanne Collins Newborn Photography Training Courses

Whether you are a complete beginner in photography or you have been using your camera and wish to establish yourself as a newborn photographer, my training courses will give you the knowledge and confidence you need to take stunning photos.

Here are some of the benefits of taking my newborn training courses:

  • Learn from a professional newborn photographer with over 15 years of experience
  • Receive personalized attention and guidance
  • Practice your skills on a real baby
  • Learn the latest techniques and trends in newborn photography
  • Get access to my extensive library of resources

My training courses are the perfect investment if you are serious about becoming a successful newborn photographer. Sign up today and start creating stunning newborn photos that your clients will love!

Camera and Newborn 1:1 Training Courses

There are one and two day courses available and with all of my newborn training courses, we will have a real baby for you see first hand all of the techniques I use, plus you will be using your camera to take your very own photographs to build your portfolio and share on social media platforms.

Here are the Courses available:

Camera Training - 3 hours

If you are completely new to photography and would love to have bespoke training with your particular camera, then this course is perfect for you.

We will first cover the foundations of how to correctly expose your images, using the Exposure Triangle. Then I will run through all of your camera and menu settings, so that you can be confident with using your equipment.

TWO Day 1:1 Camera & Newborn Training

This course is perfect for those brand new to photography. Over the 2 days, we will cover; understanding your camera through to the wonderful art of newborn posing. Each day runs from 10am – 4/5pm.

Day One – Camera Beginners’ Course, Editing Overview,  Wrapping Techniques and Prop Preperation for Day Two

Day Two – Contains everything which is in the Newborn 1:1 Training Day below.

ONE day 1:1 Newborn training

In this course, I will teach you everything you need to know to take amazing newborn photos, including all the required equipment, camera settings, safe posing techniques for sleeping babies, lighting placement and how to edit your photographs for the most breathtaking results. 

We will have a real baby for 3 hours, so that you can see first hand how I pose and photograph a newborn.

Two Day 1:1 Newborn training

The 2 day course covers everything listed within the One Day Newborn Training PLUS a second day where we will have a newborn model for 4 hours and you will be actively holding and posing the newborn with my guidance. You can choose props and colours from my collection.

Day two, really enforces everything which you have learnt in the first day and gives you an extra boost of confidence.

THREE Day 1:1 CAMERA & Newborn training

This incredible 3 day intensive course is for complete beginners who would like an extra day to actively handle, wrap and pose baby with my supervision and guidance.

Day One – A.M.Camera Beginners’ Course. P.M. Adobe Overview,  Wrapping Techniques and Prop Preparation.

Day Two – Comprehensive equipment details and observe how I manage and pose our real model baby.

Day Three – With my guidance, you will be actively holding, posing and wrapping our real model baby.

staff training

Do you run a studio and would like to have your staff trained?

This staff training day will enable 2 members of your team to train with me here in my studio. 

I will cover everything your staff needs to know about the art of newborn photography. This can be bespoke to your business needs.

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